Mailing a letter is cheap and easy, but shipping a package is a whole other bag of warms. Not only do you have to buy the right box and make sure it’s adequately wrapped, but you also have to pay for shipping (which can often be expensive).

If you ship packages every once in a while it may not seem like a big deal, but for small business owners, the cost of shipping can make or break a business.

However, the good news is there are a few shipping hacks that will make your life so much easier and save you money along the way. Who doesn’t want life to be easier and to save money?

So, before you make your next post-office run, remember these simple hacks! 

Pack as Small as Possible

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who ship tiny things in large boxes and end up paying way more for shipping.

Many shipping carriers factor in dimensional weight when calculating shipping rates, so it’s important to pack your items into as small a box as possible. If your item doesn’t need wrapping paper, skip it! You don’t want to end up paying more than you have to.

Free Supplies

Want free shipping supplies? If so, look no further than FedEx. In fact, all you need in order to get free supplies is to set up a FedEx account. How easy is that? From envelopes to small boxes to even tubes, FedEx has it all for you. Not to mention, the supplies will be sent to you free of charge.

Go With USPS For Light Packages

If you’re looking to quickly and easily save money on shipping, go with USPS. Specifically, if you’re shipping a light package, USPS is the cheapest option. Though they’ve gotten a bad reputation in the past for losing packages, there’s no question USPS has the best rates for small packages.

Ask For Boxes

Retail businesses go through boxes like it’s no one’s business and they often end up going straight into the recycling bin. If you’re a frequent shopper at a specific retail store, ask a manager if you can have their boxes when they’re done with them.

Since these stores tend to not do anything with them anyway, there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. This will save you a lot of money on boxes, especially if you’re looking for big boxes.