Celebrity Couples with Uncomfortable Age Gaps


Less than a week after we heard 65-year-old Dennis Quaid was engaged to a 26-year-old Ph.D. student, another May-December romance made its debut. Peter Cook, who used to be married to supermodel Christie Brinkley, is getting hitched to a college senior.

With a 40-year age gap between these lovebirds, it’s hard to imagine what they have to talk about. One of them is doing an internet search for “what is the AARP” while the other is studying for college finals!

But Dennis Quaid and Peter Brinkley are hardly the first rich and famous folks to marry somebody who could be their kid–or grandkid. Here are a few more famous couples with major age gaps.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

This long-standing Hollywood couple shares the same birthday–only 25 years apart! They’ve been together since 1996 and share two children. Their daughter, Carys, has recently begun modeling and acting.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness

When Hugh Jackman was just a handsome young Aussie trying to get his break in the acting world, he met Deborra Lee-Furness. At the time, she was more famous than him–not to mention 13 years older.

Despite plenty of internet rumors, this couple has been rock-solid for more than 20 years.

Rose Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham

This couple has been together for so long that it’s easy to forget there’s a 20-year age gap between them. Although they are engaged and even welcomed their first child in 2017, Jason and Rosie apparently have no plans to make things official any time soon.

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher

Although their marriage ultimately failed, Demi and Ashton made things work for a few years despite their 16-year age gap. Demi was 41 when they met, and Ashton was 25.

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz

After her marriage to Seal fell apart, Heidi Klum found love again with musician Tom Kaulitz. So what if she’s 16 years older than him? They secretly married this summer.

George Clooney & Amal Clooney

We never thought George Clooney would get married again after his early relationship with Talia Balsam. But in 2014, he married London-based lawyer Amal Alamuddin. The couple welcomed twins in 2017.

Incidentally, Talia Balsam is now married to Mad Men‘s John Slattery, proving that she has impeccable taste in silver foxes.

Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson is one of the most celebrated actresses on TV, but her private life is stranger than fiction. She seems to have always had a thing for older ladies–but now she’s in a long-term relationship with fellow actress Holland Taylor, who just happens to be 31 years older than Sarah.

Jay-Z & Beyoncé

The main reason people criticize May-December relationships is because of the power imbalance. If someone is much older (and also wealthier and more famous), then the other person may struggle to feel like an equal partner.

When it comes to Jay and Bey, there’s no question about equality despite the 12-year age gap between them. Jay-Z might be older, but she’s frickin’ Beyoncé.

Matt Bomer & Simon Halls

The unbelievably handsome star of White Collar played a lovelorn con artist for years, but in real life, Matt Bomer is happily married to publicist Simon Halls.

Simon is 55 while Matt is just 41, but the couple seem to be making it work despite the age gap. They have 3 kids together and have been married since 2011.

Hilarie Burton & Jeffery Dean Morgan

Speaking of White Collar, actress Hilarie Burton recently tied the knot with her longtime love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Although he’s 16 years older than her, Hilarie claims that it was love at first sight. They’ve been together for a decade and have 2 children, not to mention a farm in upstate New York.

Jeff Goldblum & Emilie Livingston

Look, we love Jeff Goldblum around here. But even we have to give his marriage to gymnast Emilie Livingston a side-eye. He’s 66. She’s 36. And although they seem to have a lot of fun together–not to mention raising 2 young kids–that’s a huge age gap.

Patrick Stewart & Sunny Ozell

Our favorite Starfleet captain (sorry, Kirk) Patrick Stewart married a jazz singer named Sunny Ozell in 2013. Although the couple is adorable–and dedicated to awesome causes like fostering puppies–there’s a major age gap between them of 38 years!