Travel Tips for Disney World

Adobe Stoco

Is a trip to the most magical place on earth on your bucket list? Visiting Disney World in Orlando is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for some of us, so here’s how to make the most of your vacation!

Stay Hydrated

Ice water is always free at the park, so bring a refillable bottle and top up at any cafe with a soda fountain. You’ll need to stay hydrated, especially in the summer!

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, too. Getting sunburned on your first day is no one’s idea of a good Disney vacation.

Don’t Try to Do Everything

Even though this might be your one shot at exploring the Magic Kingdom, trying to see it all is a guaranteed way to ruin your trip. Make a list of the attractions you most want to see, and accept that you will have to miss some areas of the park.

Stay in a Walt Disney World Resort

Yes, it can be more expensive than staying outside the park. But you’ll get plenty of perks–including free shuttle service at many of the resorts–and save time traveling to and from the park.

One of the perks of on-site resorts is the “Extra Magic Hours” offered in the early morning and evening on certain days. Be sure to ask about the availability when you book your room.

Book Your Restaurants Now

As soon as you buy your tickets to Disney World, go ahead and reserve seating at the park’s themed restaurants. Some of them, like the Beauty and the Beast restaurant, fill up weeks or even months in advance. You don’t want to waste time waiting for dinner when you could be enjoying yourself.

You can also save time and hassle by eating your meals at odd hours when the restaurants are far less busy. As a bonus, you’ll be free to tour the park while everyone else is scrambling for lunch or dinner.

All the Single Riders

If you’re the only one in your group who wants to try a ride (or are simply traveling solo), there’s sometimes a separate line for single riders. Be sure to check before you wait–it’s a major time-saver!

Start at the Back of the Park

Most people work their way toward the back of the park from the main gates. But if you hustle to the back first and go the opposite direction, you can often hop on popular rides without standing in line for more than a few minutes.

Talk to an Expert

Official Disney Vacation Consultants don’t charge for their services. Instead, they get kickbacks from the park itself. They’ll be able to tell you where to go, when to maximize your trip, how to use wristbands and Fast Passes–basically, they’re happy to help Disney novices have the best vacation ever!