Shows to Binge-Watch With Your Friends This Summer


From our friends at HeyPumpkin:

Summer is supposed to be all about enjoying the sunny weather, but sometimes you just need to sit back in the AC, enjoy a cool beverage, and watch a fun TV show.

And, while watching TV by yourself can be enjoyable, there’s really nothing better than binge-watching a great series with your best friends. Not only do you have someone to talk about the show with, but you’ll build a stronger connection by spending time with the people you care about the most.

The Bold Type

Cast of The Bold Type

A show about millennial women living in New York trying to juggle love, friendship, and their careers isn’t a new concept, but The Bold Type is fresh and fun. While the show’s fifth and final season is airing right now on Freeform, you and your pals can catch up on the entire series on Hulu.

The show, which premiered back in 2017, follows three best friends — Kat, Sutton, and Jane — who work at Scarlett Magazine (which is loosely inspired by Cosmopolitan Magazine). Though the show follows similar tropes as Sex and the City, it doesn’t shy away from discussing important issues, such as racial inequality, sexuality, and even politics. But The Bold Type does it all with a sheen of glamour.

Ted Lasso


I would argue there is no character on TV more loveable than Ted Lasso. The Apple TV+ series, which debuted its first season last year, will be returning in July for its sophomore run. 

While the show is about Ted (played by Jason Sudeikis), a former American football coach who gets a job coaching an English Premiere soccer team, you don’t have to care about sports one iota to enjoy this show. In fact, the show is really about friendship, loyalty, and most importantly, kindness. I promise you will be begging for more episodes when you finish the first season. 

Gossip Girl Reboot

We all know about the millennial drama series that first premiered back in 2007, but your favorite Upper East Siders are returning (well, a new cast is returning) this summer. That’s right folks, we’re getting a good, old-fashioned Gossip Girl reboot. 

But say goodbye to the old Gossip Girl model, because we’re in Gen Z territory now. The series, which will be premiering on HBO Max on July 8, will be a lot like the original — complete with backstabbing, cheating, lying, and glamorous outfits — but updated to reflect today’s world.


Stars of Younger

Much like The Bold Type, Younger is about a woman, living in New York City, who is trying to juggle love, friendship, and her career. However, unlike The Bold Type, the show isn’t just about millennials. Well, it’s about a woman who is in her 40s pretending to be a millennial to get a job.

Starring Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, and a slew of other amazing actors, Younger is all about what someone is willing to do to follow their dreams. The seventh and final season just wrapped, but you can catch up on it all right now on Hulu. 

Outer Banks

Cast of Outer Banks

Outer Banks took the world by storm when the first season dropped on Netflix in April 2020, but the gang is getting back together for Season 2, which will be released on July 31! If, by some chance, you haven’t watched the first season, now’s the time to do so.

It’s one part National Treasure (yes, the movie with Nicholas Cage), one part The O.C., and one part nothing you’ve ever seen before. While it does follow a group of high schoolers searching for hidden treasure, there’s so much more to show than that.