Can You Travel the Arctic? Adventure in the Frozen North


The far-northern landscape of the Arctic Circle holds a certain mystique for explorers and adventurers. If you’re looking for a vacation that is a bit out of the ordinary, you could consider taking a trip to the Arctic to see the stunning vistas, the Northern Lights, and the breathtaking wildlife.

Biggest Draws

There are a few main reasons that you might want to visit the beautiful Arctic Circle. The first, and most obvious, is that it’s serene, far from all of your troubles, and largely uninhabited. If you just want to truly get away from it all, there are few places on Earth that feel further from everything than the Arctic.

Another major draw is the stunning landscape. All around you in the Arctic, you can see ice, frozen landscapes, calm ocean water, and untouched wilderness. This extends to the beautiful sights of the Aurora Borealis, too! The breathtaking Northern Lights are the kind of natural phenomenon you have to see to fully appreciate. There’s nothing else on Earth like it.

That’s not to mention the wildlife. While on an Arctic cruise, you might see everything from Arctic foxes to Beluga Whales. Of course, the most iconic creature of the region, the polar bear, is also a frequent draw for visitors to the area. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a polar bear in person?

How to Travel

The most common way to see the Arctic is to go there aboard an Arctic cruise liner. These boats often leave from ports in Northern Europe or Canada, and tour awe-inspiring regions of the world that few people have ever seen in-person. The region is hardly as inhospitable as its reputation would have you believe, particularly when you’re aboard a luxury cruise liner.

These cruises come well-appointed and ready for the task of ferrying you deep into the frozen reaches of the Arctic Circle. You can travel in complete luxury, as many cruises offer cabins with heated floors, in-room hot tubs, lavish sleeping arrangements, and plentiful refreshments.

Food on these cruises is often the star of the show. Cruise ships equipped with five-star dining options are the rule, not the exception, when you travel to the Arctic. After all, when you’re surrounded by breathtaking northern vistas, what’s better than filling your belly with top-notch food?

The best part is, Arctic cruises are usually very affordable compared to other vacation options. So, if you’re looking to kick back and enjoy a vacation in the frozen north, all you need to do is book your cruise today.