Best Skiing Destinations in the US


It’s that time again! Ski season is almost here. Is there anything more thrilling than racing down a snowy mountain on a pair of skis? Is there anything more relaxing than warming up in the ski lodge with a hot cup of coffee and some warm food? 

If that sounds like your perfect vacation, then you need to visit one of these ski destinations on your next trip.


If you can afford it, staying at Aspen is one of the nicest ski vacations you can have in the US. The slopes are iconic, the town’s nightlife is unparalleled, and it sports some of the most luxurious mountain resorts in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished skier, you can find a course that matches your skill level.

There are four distinct ski areas in the Aspen region: Buttermilk, Snowmass, Aspen, and the Aspen Highlands. They are a huge part of why the region is so popular. A single tram ticket grants you access to all four, making Aspen one of the most varied ski destinations.


Vail is another well-known skiing destination that can be pricey, depending on how you travel. The region is distinctive because of its massive ski area. The wide variety of slopes brings out huge crowds to Vail every year. Much like Aspen, skiers of almost any skill level can find a course that will offer them a good challenge.

The city of Vail itself is very charming. It has a European feel, with architecture that would feel right at home in the Swiss Alps. The town is renowned for its comfortable amenities. For instance, many streets in Vail have heated sidewalks! This destination is a perfect choice for those who prefer both luxury and plentiful after-skiing activities.


Breckenridge is one of the most authentic skiing destinations in the US. Serious skiers recommend Breckenridge because of its intense and challenging mountain. The town is known for having a relaxed atmosphere and significantly more affordable hotels than Vail or Aspen. Because of this, though, the city can get very crowded during skiing season.

If you don’t mind the crowds you can find a lot to do in Breckenridge. The huge selection of lodging options allows you to tailor your vacation based on your budget. And, once you’re done skiing, there are numerous bars and restaurants in town that will keep you entertained while you’re off the slopes.