Best Places To Visit in Mexico


Are you ready for a vacation? If you’re looking for an adventure without leaving North America, you might be thinking about a trip to Mexico. Mexico enjoys warm weather all year, has gorgeous beaches, and offers a robust and engaging national culture. You can enjoy some of the tastiest food in the world in Mexico, and you’re likely to enjoy an adventure you’ll never forget. 

But where should you visit in Mexico? That depends on what kind of vacation you want. Here are the three best vacation destinations south of the border.


It might sound cliched to visit Cancun, but the gorgeous beachfront city is popular for a reason. It’s an inexpensive place to visit from the US thanks to plentiful flight options and world-renowned all-inclusive resorts. The area is welcoming to tourists and you don’t need to speak any Spanish to find your way around the resorts. 

If you want to see more than glittering ocean waves and white sand beaches, you can also venture further inland and explore some of Cancun’s gorgeous jungles and deep cave systems. Outdoor enthusiasts love to take tours through the immaculate natural landscapes. And, when you’re done adventuring outside, you can return to the city to enjoy the bustling nightlife!

Playa del Carmen

Foodies should pay a visit to Playa del Carmen. The city is home to some of the most delicious Mexican cuisine you can find anywhere in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to eat the best fish tacos you’ve had in your life, Playa del Carmen is the place to be. If you’re looking for more than delectable dishes, there are plenty of other things to do in the city, too!

You can check out the soft sand beaches and take a dip in the perpetually warm waters. Golfers love the region due to its wide variety of courses, some of which are world-renowned. 


If you want to enjoy Mexico’s unique culture while also dipping your toes in the ocean, you should check out Tulum. Tulum is home to the only waterfront Mayan ruins, making it a unique anthropological destination and vacation spot all it one. 

The area offers many different types of lodgings. If you want a classic all-inclusive resort, you can find those in spades along the coast. Meanwhile, if you prefer something more intimate, there are boutique hotels that offer a different experience for discerning travelers.