Underrated Vacation Destinations: Little-Known Spots You Should Visit


When you’re planning your vacations, do you tend to think about the biggest destinations? Sure, everyone’s traveled to London or the Caribbean islands. But have you ever been to a smaller destination with less foot traffic and more unique character?

By visiting lesser-known locations, you can save a bit of money on your trip, avoid the worst crowds, and have a unique story to tell when you get home. Here are some of the best (and most underrated) vacation destinations you should check out the next time you take a break from work!

Northern Greece

Many visitors to Greece check out the southern areas of the country, especially the islands in the Mediterranean. And it’s easy to see why: the warm weather, clear water, and white sand all make for a stunning vacation. But those islands are also expensive to visit and very crowded.

If you’re in the mood for a more low-key vacation, try visiting nothern Greece. There are some great destinations like Meteora, Halkidiki, and numerous wildlife sanctuaries. You’ll save money and get to see some underrated portions of the Grecian countryside.

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is a massive salt flat located in the southwest region of Bolivia. It’s a stunning location, one of the largest flat regions at its altitude, commanding a massive swath of land in the Andes mountains. After it rains, the salt flat becomes the world’s largest mirror, reflecting the open blue skies in a breathtaking display.

Notably, the lack of conventional construction materials in the region means that many of the hotels that visitors can stay in are almost entirely constructed from salt blocks mined from the Salar. The next time you plan to go on vacation, consider visiting the world’s largest mirror!


If you’re looking for a gorgeous vacation destination that won’t break the bank, consider visiting Nicaragua. The country is often overlooked in vacation travel for regions with similar climates like Costa Rica and the Caribbean, but there are many reasons to visit Nicaragua instead.

The region is surprisingly affordable to visit and sports some incredibly beautiful natural sights, like gorgeous waterfalls, sprawling forests, and large beaches. The country’s biggest tourist destinations are rarely crowded, and the prevalence of top-quality local cuisine makes it an ideal place to visit for a relaxing vacation with loved ones. Make sure you set aside some time to check out the local shops, too!