Don’t Be Afraid to Pay More for Faster Shipping


It’s almost time for the holidays, which means you’re probably doing a lot of shopping online. If you haven’t gotten your Christmas presents in yet, it’s time to get to it soon! If you wait until too close to the holidays, the odds are that your packages won’t make it in time for the big day.

If you’re only just now getting started shopping, it’s time to start thinking about paying a bit extra for faster shipping. Here are some tips to get your Christmas shopping done faster online this year.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the poster program for “fast shipping.” If you subscribe to Prime, many items will be delivered to your front door in two days. That’s an unbelievable shipping speed, and it can make your holiday shopping a lot easier. You also get some added bonuses, like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, which are often worth the price on their own.

If you’re hesitant to get a Prime subscription, consider picking one up just for a month so you can get your Christmas shopping done in record time. There’s nothing wrong with using Prime just for swift shipping and then canceling it once the season is over.

First-Class Mail

You’re not always going to be able to find what you’re looking for on Amazon. Sometimes, you’ll want to buy gifts from smaller sellers or retailers outside the US. If that’s the case, be ready to pay a bit more for shipping if you want things in before the holidays. 

Priority and first-class mail might cost a pretty penny, but it’s often better to pay a bit more to get your packages in before the holidays are over. There’s nothing quite as awkward as telling friends or family members on Christmas Day that they’ll need to wait a few more weeks for their packages to arrive.

Paying for Tracking

You don’t always get package tracking when you pay to have something shipped to your home. However, you can usually pay a bit extra to get the tracking service. If you’re ordering gifts close to the holidays, this is a good idea.

When you’re counting down the days until Christmas, you don’t want to be left wondering where your gifts are. Being able to open your phone and get real-time updates on where your packages are is ideal–and that peace of mind is worth a few extra bucks, after all.