Travel Tips to Make Your Next Flight (Slightly) Easier


If you’re planning to travel on an airplane soon, you might want to check out a few quick tips to help you make the flight a bit easier. After all, no one likes rushing through TSA, getting crammed into a pressurized metal tube full of strangers, and then hurrying through unfamiliar airports to make your connecting flight.

Here are our tips to help you make your next flight a bit less stressful. Flying is always a headache, but hopefully, these tips will make it a bit easier.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of bringing headphones with you to the airport. Ideally, you should bring something small and discreet, like a pair of wireless earbuds that you can easily slip in and out of your pocket.

Airports are crowded, noisy, and unpleasant. If you can bring something to tune out the obnoxious sounds of all those crowds, then you will be a lot happier. From crying babies to arguing couples, there’s nothing quite like the din of an airport. Besides, once you are on the plane, you will have a lot of downtime, so you might as well listen to some tunes. 


If you’ve never been to one of the airports along your trip, do some research. You’ll want to know the layout of the airport, so you know where you’re going once you touch down. This is especially important if you have a layover. The last thing you want to do is miss your flight because you were lost in a weird corner of some massive airport.

Likewise, ensure you know where you need to be to get a ride – especially if you plan to use a ridesharing app. Some airports have extremely peculiar rules about where arriving travelers can request an Uber or Lyft. Hence, it’s vital that you know that before you start trying to summon a car when you’re low on battery life and data allowance.

Arrive Early

This might sound simple, but it is essential. It would be best if you arrived at the airport a bit earlier than you might expect. If your flight says it’s departing at noon, it will probably start boarding at 11:30. 

Ideally, you would like to get to the airport early enough to account for making your way through TSA and finding your gate. That means you should probably get there around an hour and a half before your flight is scheduled to depart!