Delays, Broken Items, and Logistics: Is Shopping Online Really Better?


In the modern age, it’s easy to think of the internet and websites as a strict upgrade over other ways of doing things. Email is faster than conventional mail, online gaming connects people within milliseconds, and online shopping is just better than shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Right?

Well, not necessarily. While shopping online can be quite convenient, it isn’t always the best way to handle your business. Sometimes the realities of physical shipping and logistics can make it easier and safer to just buy your items in person.


At best, it’ll take a few days for an item you order online to arrive at your home. For some people, that’s not a big deal. However, for others, this lag time can be extremely frustrating. Not only are you having to wait for the item to arrive, but you also have to pay for the shipping and handling fees. What’s better about paying more to wait for longer?

That’s not to mention that your items could experience delays when you shop online. What if the boat or train the item is on gets delayed at the port or station? Then you’re stuck waiting days or weeks for something you already paid for.

Broken Items

Other times, your items might just arrive in terrible condition. If you’re purchasing something fragile or intricate, you probably don’t want to get it shipped through the mail. Mail carriers do their best to treat packages gently, but the reality is that they have to process an unfathomable number of items and they have strict deadlines to meet.

Some packages get slung into the back of a truck. Others get jammed into tight spaces to make room. There’s no telling what might happen to the packages you’ve ordered, and you have to just hope that the mail carriers handle them gently.

Supporting Local Businesses

Sometimes it’s better to support local businesses than rely on online retailers like Amazon. There are plenty of hard-working people in your community who make awesome products that you can walk in and buy right now.

Supporting your local businesses is great for your town’s culture, too! No one wants to visit a bland city with no local flavor. If you exclusively shop online and never venture out to enjoy the shops that give your town a unique vibe, then you’re not doing much to help keep the place you live interesting!