Let’s be honest, going to the post office can be a bit of a drag. Not only do you have to haul your package (or packages) and wait in line, but you also have to make sure you’ve packaged your items correctly. 

Whether you’re mailing a care package to a loved one or sending items across the country, here’s a simple how-to guide for shipping packages.

Make Sure to Pick the Right Box

First thing’s first, make sure you’re not sending anything hazardous. In fact, check to see what items are considered hazardous and which are not. Then, once you’ve done that, it’s essential to pick the right box.

If your item is heavier, try to fit it into a smaller box. When you pick it up, make sure it doesn’t put any strain on the sides of the box. If the box appears to rip in certain areas, you will need to get a more secure box.

Remember, There’s a Weight Restriction!

Your package must weigh less than 70 pounds, so double-check your package weighs less than that. It should also measure out to be no more than 108 inches in length.

Add Cushion and Extra Tape

When packaging your box, make sure you’ve added enough cushion and protection to ensure your items will arrive in one piece.

Bubble wrap, wrapping paper, bedding, and even grocery bags can all be used to protect your items. Also, add extra tape to the seams of your box. This will ensure your box does not rip on delivery. 

Drop an Extra Label Into the Box

Just in case your label on the box gets destroyed or ruined, fill out a second label with the recipient’s address and your return address. Put this second label inside the package to ensure the package gets to the right person.

Choose a Shipping Method

For the most affordable option, use Retail Ground. This is the slowest (it usually takes about two to eight business days to be delivered), but it will save you money.

Priority mail is more expensive, but your package will be delivered within one to three days and it includes free tracking. Finally, the most expensive shipping method is Priority Mail Express, which will ensure your package is delivered in one to two days. Use this option if you need to get something to someone ASAP.

Bring Your Package to the Post Office

Once everything is wrapped and you know the shipping method you’d like to use, bring your package to the post office so it can receive the correct postage.

They’ll more than likely take your package and put the postage on themselves, but make sure to hold on to the tracking info so you can ensure it gets delivered!