Going to the post office can be a drag. Between driving to the post office, hauling your packages, and waiting in line (which could take hours), the whole process can feel like a chore. 

But, the good news is you can ditch the post office altogether and start shipping packages from the comfort of your home! That’s right, no more trips to the post office to mail Christmas gifts, send care packages, or any other items that require packing.

Here’s how you can ship packages straight from your home:

You’ll Need Supplies

In order to ship packages from your home, you will need a few supplies. The first thing you will need is a reliable printer in order to print out your shipping labels. This printer doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to get the job done.

You’ll also need to make sure you have scissors and tape on hand to secure the label to your package. You can get adhesive shipping labels, but those will cost you more money down the line. Finally, you will need to buy a postal scale, which should cost no more than $20.

Purchase Postage

Once you have all your supplies ready to go, the next step is to buy postage. The easiest way to buy postage is to head on over to USPS’s website. Hover over “Mail & Ship,” and then click on “Click-N-Ship,” which will lead you to purchase your postage. You’ll need to create an account — if you don’t already have one — and then you will be asked a series of questions regarding your package.

You will have to input the sender’s address, the weight, and size of the box, and even the value of the item(s) you’re sending. Finally, you’ll select how you want to send your package and you’ll be prompted to select how much you’d like to spend on the postage. You’ll then purchase the postage with your credit card and voila, you’re almost done.

Schedule Pick-Up

After purchasing the postage you should head back to to schedule a pick-up time. If you’re OK with the postal carrier picking up your package at some point during their delivery day the cost will be free, but if you have a specific time in mind it will cost you $20.

You’ll select the date you want your package to be delivered, as well as how many packages you have and how much they weigh. After completing all these steps, you’ll be good to go!