Moon Knight Trailer Promises Chaotic Adventure Through the MCU


Marvel Studios finally released the full trailer for its upcoming Moon Knight series, starring Oscar Isaac, and fans are excited. The trailer follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered museum worker living in London and suffering from a bizarre disorder where he can’t tell the waking world from his dreams. 

Comics fans know Moon Knight as Marc Specter, a mercenary who was left for dead in the desert and revived by the moon deity Khonshu. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Khonshu represents the moon as it travels across the sky and is responsible for giving life to all creatures on Earth. In Marvel Comics, Khonshu is a vengeful god of justice who oversees all people who travel at night.

Who Is Moon Knight?

In the comics, Marc Specter suffers from a personality disorder that causes him to manifest alternate personas with distinct memories and motivations. One of these personas, Steven Grant, is an unassuming museum worker. Another, Jake Lockley, is a taxi driver who lives in New York City. All of his personalities answer to Khonshu, though several of them are unaware of their connection to the Moon God.

While possessed by the spirit of Khonshu, Moon Knight is a superhuman vigilante who can defend innocents with his enhanced strength and speed. The upcoming series promises to lean into the chaos that defines Marc’s life as a superhero, as he wheels uncontrollably through the world with his various personas struggling for dominance.

Upcoming Show

The trailer shows the Steven Grant alter-ego attempting to figure out why he can’t differentiate his dreams from reality. The show embraces some psychological horror, showing Steven recoiling from the spectral image of the Moon Knight in his mirror. At one point, he cowers in an elevator as the shadow of Khonshu himself bears down on him. 

Oscar Isaac already seems like a perfect fit for the show. Audiences expect to see Moon Knight cycle through all of his disparate personalities throughout the series, offering Isaac numerous opportunities to go all-out in his portrayal of the character. 

Fans also get their first glimpse at Ethan Hawke’s character, the villainous Dr. Arthur Harrow. Harrow is a cult leader who seems poised to act as the series’ antagonist.

Hero by Moonlight

Moon Knight is a unique character in Marvel’s catalog. He’s a mysterious vigilante who dresses in all-white and seems to have a tenuous-at-best grasp on reality. Fans are excited to see him in action when his show lands on Disney+ on March 30, 2022