Online Shopping: How To Score Free Shipping on Your Purchases


When you’re shopping online, the last thing you want to worry about is high shipping costs. With the global shipping shortage backing up logistics lanes, shopping is getting more expensive than ever! If you’re looking to keep your costs down while you’re buying your favorite items online, you need to score free shipping.

Let’s look at a few ways to get free shipping on your next shopping session!

Amazon Prime

Amazon is called the “everything store” for a reason. If you need to buy something, you can probably find it on Amazon. The best thing about shopping at Amazon is that you can reliably score free shipping on most items by becoming an Amazon Prime subscriber. The main benefit of the monthly Prime subscription fee is that you get free shipping on most purchases through the retailer’s website.

Amazon Prime offers benefits besides shipping, too. Prime subscribers can access Prime Music and Prime Video, two popular media services. Subscribers can also earn rewards through Twitch, Amazon’s video game streaming website.

If you buy a handful of items from Amazon every month, Prime essentially pays for itself by eliminating shipping costs. Why not get access to all of the other Prime benefits while you’re at it?

Volume Discounts

Even if you’re not shopping on Amazon, you can find ways to secure free shipping on your purchases. Most online retailers offer free shipping on orders that surpass certain price thresholds. Take advantage of these benefits!

Don’t buy your items in small batches. Instead, hold off until you’re ready to purchase several products at once and bundle them together. That way, you avoid paying shipping costs on multiple small orders.

If you don’t want to fill your cart with enough items to trigger the free shipping threshold, reach out to friends. If you pool your orders, you can probably qualify for free shipping and then divvy your items up when they arrive.

Credit Card Perks

Some credit cards offer perks that help keep your shopping costs down. Of course, everyone loves cash back rewards, but those aren’t the only benefit for some consumer credit cards. For instance, American Express offers credit cards that reward cardholders with ShopRunner memberships.

ShopRunner is a logistics service that offers free two-day shipping on purchases from any digital retailer in its network. Some supported websites include Hello Fresh, Under Armor, and American Eagle. Check your card to see if you qualify for free shipping benefits from ShopRunner!