Are Cruises a Good Deal for Vacations?


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation, you might be thinking about visiting a resort on a tropical island or a distant ski lodge high in the mountains. However, if you want to see a wide variety of thrilling destinations in a short amount of time, you could instead opt to take a cruise for your next vacation.

Perhaps you’re nervous about taking a cruise. After all, spending a week or more on a boat might be a bit daunting! However, if you’re interested in a wide-ranging vacation that lets you visit numerous countries while you’re staying in a luxury hotel, cruising is the perfect vacation for you.

Traveling While You Travel

Arguably the best thing about cruising is that you get to travel to multiple countries and exotic destinations even as you enjoy your stress-free vacation. You can lay around the pool on the deck of the boat for hours while you approach a distant island destination and then wander ashore to see the sights and take in the local cuisine. 

While most all-inclusive vacations only allow you to visit one destination, cruises let you see a wide swath of the world without needing to worry about travel accommodations from place to place. You’re staying in a giant, floating hotel, so you’re not worried about catching flights or finding your hotel in a foreign country.

The Food

Every cruise liner worth booking has top-tier food options for guests. You can expect gourmet-quality meals for your dinners, which are typically included with the price of your ticket. This allows you to get a consistent stream of mouth-watering food without needing to hunt down obscure restaurants in distant locales. 

If you want to sample local cuisine, though, you can. When the boat arrives at its destination, you can go ashore and find local restaurants. These usually aren’t included in the price of your cruise, so make sure you bring a bit of spending money with you!

The Parties

The other great thing about cruising is that you get to make new friends and party every night on the boat. You can meet tons of new people who are on the adventure with you, and just generally cut loose and enjoy yourself.

The best thing is, you can party as hard as you want and not worry about how you’re getting home, or where you’re going next. You’re on a boat and you can just walk back to your hotel room! It’s the most stress-free version of a vacation you can imagine, and that makes it ideal for anyone looking to kick back and relax.