If you spend a lot of time (and money) shopping online, you might worry about your packages arriving and then going missing. It can be stressful to know that your expensive packages are simply waiting for you on the porch when you’re away from home. What will you do if someone snaps your packages off your porch?

You should consider getting a PO box if you’re worried about someone pilfering packages from your porch. Here are a few upsides to opting for a PO box instead of home delivery.

Behind Closed Doors

Naturally, the best thing about getting a PO box is that your packages will be delivered right to the post office. Postal workers will keep an eye on your deliveries until you arrive to pick them up. If you don’t mind traveling into town to pick up your packages, this approach will keep your deliveries safely locked behind doors until you’re ready to grab them.

If you intend to have numerous high-ticket items delivered to your home, consider getting a PO box instead to make it impossible for a thief to make off with the items. Just visit your local post office and pay a fee to set up your own delivery box and keep your items safe.

Protecting Your Privacy

There are more reasons to have a PO box than just safety, though. You can also protect your privacy when you’re selling and buying online. By giving sellers and buyers your PO address instead of your home address, you’ll protect your exact address and keep creeps from identifying where you live.

If you intend to operate an online business, this is perfect for your business address. That way, you can register your business with a PO box instead of trying to sidestep regulations and listing your home address as your business headquarters. 

Faster Delivery 

Since a PO box is located in the post office, you might get your packages delivered ahead of schedule. The mail truck arrives at the post office well before it makes deliveries to far-flung neighborhoods all over town. As such, you might be able to pick up your items early if you have them delivered to your PO box.

Sometimes, you might not have an option to get mail delivered to your home, anyway. Some people live too far from population centers to receive reliable mail delivery. In these cases, the decision is made for them! Either way, a PO box is a great option for frequent online shoppers.