Package Tracker: Shopping Small Can Help You Save Big


When you shop online, you might spend your time and money shopping at big retailers like Amazon or eBay. These big stores can keep your package delivery times quick and efficient.

However, you might be spending more noney than you need to by focusing on strictly these big-name sites. You can save money on shipping and get great items by shopping at smaller sites!

Don’t Be Afraid To Pay for Shipping

If you shop on Amazon often, you might have gotten very accustomed to not paying for shipping. Amazon Prime can be very convenient, but it doesn’t mean that paying for shipping on other sites can make you lose money. Often, if you find a good enough deal on a smaller site, it’s worth it to pay a few bucks for shipping.

If you’re patient, you can wait a few weeks and avoid paying high premiums for expedited shipping. Don’t just flat-out ignore smaller sites because they ask you to pay a few bucks for shipping – they can still offer you great deals on your favorite items. Amazon isn’t the only game in town!

Patience Is a Virtue

Sure, that two-day shipping is great, but do you really need your items to show up that quickly? Unless you’re buying an item for an urgent event that takes place within a week, you really don’t need your online shopping purchases to arrive that fast.

If you’re spending a ton of money on an Amazon Prime subscription just because you like the convenience of fast shipping, consider shopping at smaller stores instead and exercising a bit of patience.

If you can afford to wait a week or two for your items to arrive, you could save a ton of money and support smaller businesses. You’ll ditch the recurring expense of paying for a Prime subscription while also making a smaller creator’s day! 

Made With Love

Would you rather have a mass-produced trinket or a product made by hand and with love? If you support smaller businesses online, you can have personalized items delivered to your door.

Sure, saving money on things like manufactured components for your car is one thing, but if you’re ordering specialized items for your hobbies, consider supporting a smaller store.

If you’re willing to dig for the deals, you can save big online and end up with great products that are just as good as anything you could find on Amazon. While you’re at it, you might just find a new favorite store in a funky corner of the internet!