The Best Time of Year To Travel: Expert Vacation Tips


When it’s time to plan a vacation, you might be thinking you already know the best time to travel. If you’re going to the mountains to ski, you’ll wait until summertime. If you’re heading to the Caribbean for a beach vacation, why not wait until winter? These seem like straightforward decisions, but they’re not always your best option.

Today, we’re helping you figure out the best times to go on vacation to some popular destinations so you can make the most of your trip.

Ski Vacation

Skiing is a fun vacation activity, and if you’re looking for the best time of year to plan your trip, consider hitting the slopes between January and March. Why should you wait? Wait until at least January because this season is the peak time for the best snow conditions on mountains in the Northern Hemisphere, and you’ll encounter better weather for downhill skiing. 

Another bonus to going in the wintertime is that you’ll avoid families with kids. Children aren’t generally very good skiers, so not having to share the slopes with them is a big worry off your mind. Skiing accidents can be dangerous, and fewer uncoordinated kids to contend with is a good thing!

Beach Trip

Don’t go to a tropical region in the wintertime. This is the peak tourist vacation season, as people who live in northern climates flee south to get away from the cold weather and the snow. Instead, plan your trip for either early fall or spring. This allows you to avoid families with kids, as children will be in school, as well as dodge the peak busy seasons on most islands.

Moreover, you’ll get better deals on hotels and travel if you travel during the off-season. With airfare and food going up in price every year, it’s important to save every penny you can on your vacation to make the most of your travel budget!

Mountain Trip

If you want to take a relaxing trip up to the mountains and get away from it all, try to schedule your trip for the autumn months. This will allow you to enjoy crisp, fall air at higher altitudes and witness the gorgeous colors of leaves turning in the cooler air.

It’s also easier to find lodging in mountain resorts when you’re going in the off-season. Again, it pays to be patient and take vacations when there are fewer travelers vying for the best cabins and resorts!