Porch Pirates Are Checking Out Your Packages This Holiday Season


If you shop online often, you probably know about the threat of porch pirates. These are criminals who cruise through neighborhoods during the daytime when people are at work so they can quietly steal packages that have been left out by delivery services. These thieves will boldly steal your items in broad daylight before slinking away and finding someone else to prey on.

How can you avoid these dishonest criminals? Your best bet is to follow some of these surefire tips. With the right approach, you can keep your packages safe and sound, no matter what you’re buying online.

Ask for a Signature Verification

It’s always a good idea to stay home and sign for a package that costs over a hundred dollars. If you’re getting a smartphone, gaming system, or a new computer delivered, you shouldn’t let it set on your porch for more than a few minutes anyway.

Most shipping companies will allow you to request a signature verification before your package can be dropped off. That way, even if you’re out when your package arrives, the courier will know to keep it on the truck and try again another time. Take some time off work if you need to, or schedule the delivery on a day when you’ll be home.

Install a Smart Lock

Another option is to install a smart lock on your front door so a service like Amazon Prime can allow its couriers to drop your packages off inside your home. A smart lock that connects to your Wi-Fi can allow a mail delivery service to slip into your house with no problem, dropping off your valuable items and locking the door back up as soon as they’re gone.

Get a PO Box

If the previous two options aren’t feasible for your budget or your living situation, you could instead opt for a post office box. Go to your local post office and ask about setting up a PO box so you can have items delivered in a safe manner. This will ensure that your packages are under lock and key and that you’ll be the only person capable of accessing them.

Getting a PO box is also a good way to order things online without giving sellers your address. If you order items from smaller sites that you might not want to have your home address, a PO box is a great way to put some anonymity between you and your online activity.