The Best Places To See Fall Foliage


When the weather gets a bit chilly and kids start getting ready for Halloween, people all over the US get excited to see the leaves turning for the fall weather. In temperate forested regions, the fall season brings about some gorgeous leaf changes, as the cold weather drives leaves to change from green to a variety of beautiful, warm colors. 

If you don’t live near a temperate forest but you want to see these leaves changing for yourself, you’re in luck. Today, we’re listing a few of the best fall foliage destinations in the US. 

Bar Harbor, Maine

New England is famous for its gorgeous fall foliage, and Bar Harbor, Maine is no exception. Maine is the farthest north state in the continental US, so visiting it is always interesting for people from further south. It starts getting cold in Maine in late September, and by mid-fall, it’s quite chilly!

Bar Harbor is a popular travel destination not least because of its ample opportunities for hiking and kayaking. You can visit the gorgeous Acadia National Park, go bird watching in the gorgeous New England countryside, and enjoy some of the quaint shops in the city’s historic downtown region.

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

You might not think of Arkansas when you picture fall foliage, but Ozark National Forest is home to some of the most beautiful and visually striking trees you can see in the autumn months. The region is home to over 1.2 million acres of forest, allowing visitors to hike and sightsee throughout a breathtaking natural landscape.

Be sure to bring your camera so you can snap some pictures of the rivers, waterfalls, and other natural sights in this beautiful national forest. It’s truly a treat for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Huntington, New York

Again, you can’t go wrong with fall foliage destinations in New England. The region is so rich in gorgeous forests that you can’t go to many places without seeing striking leaves changing colors on the trees. Huntington is a favorite destination for tourists in the fall months thanks to Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve. The park is home to over 1,500 acres of trails.

Visitors can enjoy a brisk hike through the park’s 30 trails, which are dotted with numerous trees offering splendid views. If you’re in the mood for a natural vacation and some relaxing scenery, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Huntington.